27k1 PCI DSS Business Edition - Product Information

The PCI DSS v4.0 requirements, controls and test requirements have been added to the 27k1 ISMS to create the 27k1 PCI DSS Business Edition. All compliance work completed within the software remains on the clients’ systems and database, yet at the same time, all activity using the PCI DSS controls automatically populates any chosen SAQs, AOCs and applicable appendices. The application retains and reports all the compliance work according to the PCI DSS requirements, so that continuous improvements, risk assessments, nonconformities, audits and management review meetings may be addressed on an on-going basis.

The 27k1 PCI DSS Business Edition modules are arranged in a logical flow. Data entered into the system builds the PCI DSS compliance profile and auto-populates the SAQ after having completed the requirements relating to the selected payment channel.


Tree view menu

The tree view will display the PCI DSS compliance structure of the company and dynamically connect to all entities, sub-entities, payment channels and assessment projects.

Entities and payment channels

Additional sub-entities, payment channels and assessment projects may be added. Completed projects may be archived, making way for new assessment projects to be introduced.


The 27k1 PCI DSS software uses the official Microsoft Word, PCI SSC v4.0 templates. Compliance work with the Requirements automatically populates the selected SAQ. Selecting several SAQs and taking a Combined Approach will have similar results, populating SAQ-D Merchant.


Feature rich, granular reports and charts detail every aspect of your PCI DSS v4.0 compliance status.