Getting started

Following on-premises system installation, the user is presented with a series of System Management Menus in “Dashboard” format. This has been designed to appear across the top of the screen, the left to right flow allowing a logical and coherent approach to data input. These labelled system functions are to be deployed once the Set Up Manager has received base Information Security data, which is submitted as part of the Getting Started process.

Following the launch of the 27K1 ISMS in April 2019, many ISO 27001 Consultants have received on-line demonstrations and have provided practical and constructive feedback. To improve both the consultant and customer experience, September saw the release of Version 2 of the 27k1 ISMS, adding further system developments that enhance the 27k1 ISMS and the user experience.

Company details

Details about your company including the scope and context of your ISMS.
Getting started with your ISMS

Organisational structure

Use our simple chart tool which adds and makes changes to the organisational resources.

ISO 27001Organisation

Locations and security zones

Security zones are added using the chart tool, right-click to simply add a subordinate zone. Further use of the system will apply this initial information for use by API’s to Bing Maps and Crime Statistics, so that you can assess the risks and vulnerabilities associated to a specific location and decide what, if any, treatments or actions should be taken.
Security zones

Departments and job titles

ISO Departmetns and Job titles

Key personnel

Finally enter asset owners, risk owners and any human resource who is part of the ISMS.


ISMS policy criteria

Configure your settings based on the company policies, context and documentation.