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Manchester, 25th April 2019

Following 12 months of development, 27k1 Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of the 27k1 app - a downloadable, software solution that will enable companies to assess risks and manage threats to their information security, leading to ISO 27001 Certification.

The Threat to Company Trade

In recent years, internet access has allowed hackers, scammers and fraudsters to pursue their criminal activities. For many companies, their response has meant strengthening their cyber security defenses and training their personnel, but self-defence requires continuous vigilance and IT system management.

Jeremy Martin, Director at 27k1 Ltd stated “those companies that rely upon the internet to engage in domestic and international trade, who exchange commercial documents, IP, transactional and other data, need the assurance that they and their trading partners maintain a robust, resilient and trusted Information Security Management System - ISMS”.


The Geneva based, International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) incorporated ISO 27001 in November 2005, to offer an internationally recognised framework and methodology for corporate, information security. Gaining certification from an approved authority, follows an intensive ISMS audit and inspection from ISO accredited personnel. This process is subject to annual review in order to confirm that the ISMS is being maintained and improved where possible.

By fully embracing the latest ISO 27001 standard, the 27k1 app details the 114 risk treatment controls within the 35 control categories, as well as covering elements of GDPR. This allows a company to implement a Plan, Do, Check, Act - PDCA approach to its' Information Security and enables accredited auditors to review, test, confirm and certify the ISMS system’s compliance to ISO 27001.

The Business Benefits

Increasingly, small to medium sized businesses are gaining ISO 27001 accreditation in order to build on their GDPR capability, prove their trustworthiness to protect data and to compete for tenders and RFP’s that demand proof of their ISMS credentials. This opens trading opportunities that might otherwise remain closed.

The 27k1 app - Web Site and Official Launch Details at Eventbrite

The 27k1 app has been developed in response to this need and is priced at £1,200.00 + VAT, enabling 5 users to enjoy 1 years’ subscription, including full product support. To learn more, you may explore our web site or attend the 27k1 product launch, which will be held on 25th April at the

Kyocera Document Solutions showroom, Chancery Place, 3-7 Booth Street, Manchester, M2 4DU.

You can reserve your place by visiting Eventbrite or clicking on the following link: