How to buy 27k1 ISMS

isms risk treatment

27k1 ISMS is available as a subscription from only £1,200 per year

Before you buy, you can contact us to book a free on-line 27k1 ISMS demo’. The on-line, interactive demo’ allows you to ask questions and explore the system to fully appreciate the intuitive approach, advanced features and confirm the benefits to your business.

Buying 27k1 ISMS
  • 10 full licenses are included (one per machine)
  • Additional 10 license packs at £1000 per year
  • System updates are automatically installed
  • We provide full software product support
  • To purchase the 27k1 ISMS, you can pay by bank transfer on receipt of our invoice
  • We can provide fast-track support to attain ISMS reports, accelerating your progress towards ISO 27001 certification
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