Buying the 27k1 ISMS

Additional useful information

  • Additional machine licenses at £250 per year
  • System updates are automatically installed
  • We provide full software product support including customized reporting
  • To purchase the 27k1 ISMS, you can pay by bank transfer on receipt of our invoice or quotation

27k1 ISMS Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions provide additional services and bespoke solutions to the 27k1 ISMS framework.

  • Customised license key packs to align with the scope of your ISMS
  • 27k1 imports the personnel, hardware, software and third party data for you
  • Bespoke connectivity to your Active Directory service
  • Bespoke API to your documentation management system
  • Provision of additional control sets
  • Network assets for Telecommunication network providers
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Software License

At 27k1 we are pleased to safeguard the integrity of the 27k1 ISMS using Cryptolens cloud licensing technology.