27k1 ISMS Price List

System requirements

Windows 10 or Windows 11 (x64).
Windows 10 or Windows 11 Virtual Machines.
Apple Macs with Parallels Desktop installed and with a valid Windows 10 license key.

Data sources

Azure SQL Database or SQL Server (Express) ensures your data is safely stored and processed within your company's domain.

27k1 ISMS Customer License

The perfect solution for Small & Medium sized Businesses

$2,500 + vat

5 users per year
  • Licensed for 5 users
  • Additional user licenses available
  • Gap analyses with full reports
  • Statement of Applicability
  • Flexible risk management processes
  • Asset and HR management systems
  • Nonconformity management
  • Review meetings for continuous improvement
  • Comprehensive interactive management reports
  • Project tracking tools
  • Support connecting the 27k1 ISMS with your Azure SQL Database
  • Full product support

27k1 ISMS Consultant License

Specifically designed for Consultants

$400 + vat

1 user per year
  • 1 Consultant user license
  • Gap analyses with full reports
  • Remote connections to manage client ISMS's
  • Multiple database connections
  • Provide your own ISMS documentation
  • Gap project reports and charts
  • Join the 27k1 practitioner community
  • Full product support

Additional Information

  • Additional Customer user licenses at $350 per year
  • To purchase the Customer License, you can pay by bank transfer on receipt of our invoice
  • To purchase the Consultant License, you can pay by bank transfer on receipt of our invoice or PayPal
  • We provide full software product support including customized reporting
cryptolens software licensing

Software License

At 27k1 we are pleased to safeguard the integrity of the 27k1 ISMS using Cryptolens cloud licensing technology.