27k1 is coming to the U.S.A.

18 April 2023

27k1 Ltd has agreed to showcase the ground-breaking, 27k1 PCI DSS v4.0 compliance software at the PCI SSC’s North America Community Meeting: Home – 2023 North America Community Meeting (pcisecuritystandards.org)

27k1 is coming to the U.S.A. 1

In addition to reserving an exhibition booth, 27k1 plan to sponsor a slot within the Tech Exchange. Jeremy Martin will demonstrate the way in which the software supports PCI DSS v4.0 compliance, automatically populating selected SAQs and the RoC from the compliance work completed across the requirements, controls and test requirements.

Full progress reporting with detailed actions assists this activity, along with feature rich, automated reports, so that Tech Exchange visitors will see how the software completes the Appendices, AoC and any CC worksheets that may have been used.

The system will support several types of organisation:

  1. QSA companies that are engaged by Level 1 entities to provide a Report on Compliance.
  2. Entities that possess in-house, ISA capability, that need the services of a QSA to validate their SAQ submissions.
  3. Level 2 and 3 entities that wish to manage an advanced ISMS from which selected SAQ’s may be automatically completed by the system and combined into a SAQ D Merchant or Service Provider, as necessary.

The 27k1 PCI DSS software will enable risk assessments using the NIST Cyber Security Framework and will include a full list of PCI DSS v4.0 documents to support the compliance process.

In advance of the PCI SSC meeting, you can request a detailed, system review by contacting 27k1 at: Contact 27k1 – 27k1 ISMS

27k1 is coming to the U.S.A. 2