27k1 ISMS - a total solution to gain ISO 27001 certification

ISO 27001 compliance doesn’t have to be complicated or only achieved by the larger enterprise. The 27k1 ISMS is the perfect ISO 27001 solution for businesses of all sizes.

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The 27k1 ISMS has been designed to be practical and intuitive to use, to allow implementers and auditors to readily prepare the customer for ISO 27001 certification.

Priced so that small to medium sized firms will be able to compete in bids and tenders and take their rightful place in supply chains.

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Attain ISO 27001 certification with the 27k1 ISMS

The 27k1 ISMS has been designed around the plan, do, check, act process model and in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard and the ISO 27005 recommendations. It provides compliance through design. This means that auditors and implementers can move freely across the system modules, validating and updating data, checking project progress and confirming compliance to the defined scope.

For those responsible for Information Security, the system keeps them up to date, fully accountable and enables them to share and manage the corporates’ data security status

27k1 ISO27001 ISMS Information security asset management

ISMS Confidentiality & Integrity

All your ISO 27001 ISMS data is stored on your Azure SQL Database and your preferred Cloud providers. SQL Server database can also be used if the ISMS data is to be kept within your company. For even greater confidentiality select our “on-premises” version.

27k1 ISMS provides total integrity of your Information Security data. There can be no discrepancies caused by invalidated data, since this is checked and approved before entry to the system. Historically, this has been a common problem when using spreadsheets, which often leads to audit nonconformances.

Compliance by Design

27k1 ISMS has been designed and developed in accordance with the ISO 27001 and ISO 27005 standards by Information Security professionals and ISO 27001 practitioners.

27k1 ISMS allows a company to identify Information Security assets and Key Business Scenarios, assess their values and quantify any risks, threats and vulnerabilities to which these they may be exposed.

Rapid Progress to ISO 27001 Certification

27k1 ISMS facilitates project timings, leading to automatically generated reports that enable asset auditing, risk management and progress towards ISO 27001 compliance. This simplifies and accelerates progress towards ISO 27001 certification and at the same time reduces the resources needed for the ongoing management of the ISMS.


By fully embracing the latest ISO 27001 standard, 27k1 ISMS delivers the 114 controls within the 35 control categories and enables accredited auditors to review, test, confirm and certify the ISMS systems' compliance to ISO 27001.

Information Security leading to Business Opportunity

Increasingly, small to medium sized businesses are gaining ISO 27001 accreditation in order to compete for tenders that demand proof of their Information Security credentials. The 27k1 ISMS has been developed in response to this need and whilst being feature rich, is intended to be the most intuitive, lowest cost, software solution of its' type available on the UK and global market.

27k1 ISMS is recommended for ISO 27001 Implementers, Internal Auditors and Information Security Consultants

Implementers & Auditors

The software is a vital system for your company's implementers and internal auditors. It allows you to move away from unwieldy and complex spreadsheets to a robust and easy to use system. Used on an ongoing basis, the 27k1 ISMS can be readily referenced in the board room and prepares you for future audits at any time.

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The 27k1 ISMS supports SME’s as well as major enterprises, bringing ISO 27001 certification to companies who thought it was too complicated, too expensive and beyond their reach.

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