Attain ISO 27001 certification on a single platform

  • Asset Manager

    Asset details, make life easier by grouping assets

  • GAP Analyses

    GAP analysis projects directly link with the risk assessment and the project manager

  • Risk Manager

    Carry out asset valuation, risk assessment then treat the risk

  • Security objectives

    Carry out your risk assessment against key performance indicators

  • Scenario Risk Manager

    Carry out risk assessments on key business scenarios

  • Project Manager

    Manage resources and timelines against each control

  • Safe Import

    Safely import asset lists into the asset manager

  • ISMS Settings

    Assign all the important settings pertinent to your approved security policies

  • Reports

    Statement of Applicability, progress and risk management reports, plus reports to fit your business needs are included as part of our support programme.

27k1 ISMS is for ISO 27001 Lead and Internal Implementers and Auditors.

Implementers & Auditors

The software is a must for your company's implementers and internal auditors which allows you to move away from precarious spreadsheets to a solid system. Used on an ongoing basis, prepares you for future audits at any time.


If you are a 27001 consultant please contact us to discover the opportunities available to limited companies by partnering with us.


27k1 ISMS a modern Windows 10 application.

27k1 ISMS is designed for businesses of all sizes and is a modern, high performance, Windows 10 multi-user application which connects with SQL Server, SQL Server Express or Microsoft Azure SQL Database. Azure SQL Database being the recommended database to use.

Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Azure SQL Database

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Compliance by Design

27k1 ISMS has been designed and developed in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard by Information Security professionals and ISO 27001 practitioners.

27k1 ISMS allows any company to identify all Information Security assets, assess their values and quantify any risks, threats and vulnerabilities to which these assets may be exposed.

Total Information Security Risk Assessment

Once evaluated, 27k1 ISMS allows the user to assess the probability and business impact of potential threats, loss and damage and then take positive action to safeguard their Information Security assets.

From Gap Analysis to the Statement of Applicability

27k1 ISMS users are able to undertake the journey from a Gap Analysis of the assets, through to risk identification, evaluation and treatment, linking them and the required controls together and dynamically updating to the SoA. Along the way, 27k1 ISMS permits multiple users to input asset data, selecting preconfigured controls and threat levels that may be readily adjusted to assess and evaluate the risks to the Information Security assets across the business

Rapid Progress to ISO 27001 Certification

27k1 ISMS facilitates project timings, leading to automatically generated reports that enable asset auditing, risk management and progress towards ISO 27001 compliance. This simplifies and accelerates progress towards ISO 27001 certification and at the same time reduces the resources needed for the ongoing management of the ISMS.


By fully embracing the latest ISO 27001 standard, 27k1 ISMS delivers the 114 controls within the 35 control categories and enables accredited auditors to review, test, confirm and certify the ISMS systems' compliance to ISO 27001.

Web Enabled

Being web enabled, 27k1 ISMS delivers a set of advanced features such as links to Bing maps, which enables the visualisation of properties and their potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, 27k1 ISMS links to local Crime Statistics which assist value judgements around threats to Personnel and Property

Information Security leading to Business Opportunity

Increasingly, small to medium sized businesses are gaining ISO 27001 accreditation in order to compete for tenders that demand proof of their Information Security credentials. The 27k1 ISMS has been developed in response to this need and whilst being feature rich, is intended to be the most intuitive, lowest cost, software solution of its' type available on the UK and global market.