Qualitation - - based in Oxford, UK has been actively supporting the implementation of ISO standards across the UK for over 20 years.

Founded in 1988, and operated by Carl Kruger since 2013, the business focuses on ISO installation, maintenance and audit services, advice on ISO standards, training and formalised progress reviews. The overriding focus is to “support Qualitation customers, ensuring that their investment in quality standards generates a financial return and realises business growth.”

ISO 27001 is a main pillar of Qualitation’s service. ISO 27001 Implementations and Audits, including the provision of all policies, documents and evidence are managed through “Qualitators” – expert, ISO consultants that deliver and support Qualitation customers with end-to-end services. This work ensures that customers are fully prepared for Stage I and II audits from Certification Bodies, leading to a 100% first time pass rate to date.

In February 2020, Carl decided to move away from a spreadsheet-based approach to ISO 27001 compliance, recognising the complexity and problematic nature of this methodology. From a review of software systems, he chose to work with 27k1 Ltd, based on several key factors. “The first time that I saw the 27k1 ISMS software, it was clear that it had been designed by someone who understood the standard and knew what was required from a customer perspective, as well as serving an Auditors’ requirements. The software is easy to install and intuitive to use, the automatically generated reports giving a clear reflection of the work undertaken across the ISMS”.

With a background in quality management, auditing and accounting, supported by a degree in Business Information Systems and an MBA, Carl understands that Qualitation’s clients require ISO certifications to demonstrate that they run efficient and legally compliant businesses, yet they need to do this within a sensible budget and in practical ways. “The 27k1 ISMS software ensures that my clients’ maintain a strong, information security posture, yet the pricing is within the budget of any SME”.

Given the importance of information security, in 2021, Carl decided to focus on ISO 27001 by developing a specialist branch of Qualitation: Secure Business Data - This new business is designed as a one-stop shop, bringing together a range of security services; from GDPR compliance, data management and storage, through to ISO 27001 implementation and audit, security awareness training and security advice.

As the demand for information security increases, Qualitation, and Secure Business Data in particular, is now well positioned to support its customers. Carl stated, “I look forward to building on the strong working relationship that I have developed with the team at 27k1, which ultimately benefits my business, through the security that I provide for my customers”.