27k1 ROC Management System

Minimum order of 5 ROC Assessments

Reducing from £1,200 per ROC Assessment
  • Includes the 27k1 RMS Software
  • Improve efficiency by saving 6 QSA days per ROC Assessment
  • Manage the responses to test procedure reporting instructions, fluently linking to the evidence in Section 6
  • Select SAQ eligibility criteria which auto-populates the ROC Assessment findings
  • Attach and correlate Section 6 evidence with Part II Assessor responses
  • The 27k1 RMS auto-populates your PCI DSS v4.0 ROC templates
  • The 27k1 RMS reduces QSA stress and burnout

27k1 RMS Procurement Process

  • Request a quotation from 27k1
  • On receipt of a purchase order, 27k1 will issue an invoice
  • On receipt of payment the license key and installation instructions will be issued
  • ROC Assessments can be purchased in bundles of 5, 10, 15 or 20

System requirements

Windows 10 or Windows 11 (x64) - Recommended
Windows 10 or Windows 11 Virtual Machines.
Apple Macs with Parallels Desktop or VM installed and with a valid Windows 10 license key.

Data sources

Azure SQL Database or SQL Server (Express) ensures your data is safely stored and processed within your company's domain.
PCI DSS RMS Network diagram
Azure SQL Database and SQL Server
27k1 Ltd does not store or process any of your ISMS data. All ISMS data is controlled within your company.
Using our knowledge base, 27k1 offer full support to help connect the 27k1 ISMS to Azure SQL Databse or SQL Server Database.
cryptolens software licensing

Software License

At 27k1 we are pleased to safeguard the integrity of the 27k1 ISMS using Cryptolens cloud licensing technology.