Assure technical

Assure Technical Limited - - based in Malvern, Worcestershire has been delivering a range of information security consulting services, including ISO 27001 since 2011.

Managing Director, Pete Rucinski draws upon a communications background gained in the Royal Navy as well as high level commercial expertise. Assure Technical is focused on delivering cyber security, information governance and physical security services, serving over 150 UK and International clients. Pete is a Chartered Engineer and NCSC Certified Cyber Professional (CCP).

In June 2020, following a review of ISO 27001 compliance solutions, including an on-line demonstration of the 27k1 ISMS software, Assure Technical signed up as Resellers of the software. Pete Rucinski stated “I was hugely impressed by the functionality of the system and especially the price, which I knew would appeal to many of the SME customers served by Assure Technical. However, there were two other aspects that led me to sign up with 27k1: Firstly, they were readily available to provide support and product training and secondly, I had a customer that required immediate ISO 27001 certification and I knew that they would benefit from the system.”

Since using the software with several clients, Pete has helped to define the various “scopes”, successfully taken them through their ISMS set up, including asset importation and system implementation, selecting the right controls and developing the Statement of Applicability. “Using the remote access capability has been especially useful, since it means that I can access the clients’ ISMS and support their requirements. I can upload, access and amend any supporting documentation as well as work with them on risk assessments, nonconformances and manage appropriate actions.

This has led to confidence in Stage 1 and Stage 2 audits: “The Audit Manager is especially useful, since the data submitted to the system allows me to assist with internal audits across a full range of information security criteria, such as controls, clauses, locations, suppliers etc.”

Since using the 27k1 ISMS software, Assure Technical clients have passed the requirements of external auditors first time and without issue. The Auditors have been impressed with the system, especially the automated reports, as well as the ability gain on-line access to the ISMS.

Pete stated “Auditors note that the 27k1 ISMS facilitates a logical approach to compliance, the various hyperlinks in the system leading to the correct version of documents or evidencing proof of conformance through photographs, certification of asset disposal and other forms of confirmation.” Moreover, the on-line access has benefitted Assure Technical’s clients through saving Auditor expense fees.

In summary, Pete Rucinski looks back on how spreadsheets have now become obsolete in supporting client ISO 27001 requirements. He concludes “the 27k1 ISMS has clear advantages that bring ISO 27001 certification to those companies that previously thought it was too complicated, resource heavy, too expensive and beyond their reach”