GDPR Data Mapper app – a freely available, GDPR compliance tool from 27k1 Ltd

GDPR Data Mapper app - a freely available, GDPR compliance tool from 27k1 Ltd 1

The GDPR Data Mapper app helps companies to identify, classify and report on the data held by their business. These are the initial steps recommended by the ICO – Information Commissioner’s Office. “Users enter their company information, the locations where data is held, and the addresses of third-party companies with whom they work and then create a flow diagram of all their company’s data processing activities. This can be reviewed, revised and updated when needed. The app can also be used to manage data subject access requests ( SAR’s) and to create executive reports for the ICO and insurers.”

The GDPR Data Mapper guides you through the compliance process. It will help you to understand how you process the personal data of your customers, suppliers, employees and others and how their data flows into, through and out of your business, so that you can assess it and protect it.

An accompanying website; provides full instructions on how to use the app, GDPR compliance guidelines, cross referencing to GDPR points of law and links to the ICO for their initial advice.

There is no support for the free version of this product, with product support and additional benefits being available through purchasing the Enterprise Version of the system; although product improvements are very welcome.


You will need:

Windows 10 build 1809 or greater, otherwise a “parse error” will be displayed.

Intel x64 platform.

If you get this message “App Installer failed to install package dependencies. Ask the developer for package”, contact your IT department to run the install for you, since it is likely you are not allowed to install applications without approval.

Please go to and enter password “gdprfree”

Tip: Select project templates and select a template to suit your needs.

Please contact if you:

  • have installation issues
  • have found a bug
  • wish to contribute product improvements
  • would like to send us a testimonial

We hope that you enjoy using the GDPR Data Mapper app and that it helps you to fully comply with the GDP Regulations.

GDPR Data Mapper app - a freely available, GDPR compliance tool from 27k1 Ltd 2