ISO 27001 Practitioners’ Forum – Re-Launch Announcement

August 28th, 2020

This month sees the re-launch of the ISO 27001 Practitioners forum, newly located at and membership is free.

Earlier in August we created a Practitioner’s Forum which we later learnt was not hosted with a sufficient level of security. Given that Internet and Data Security is paramount, we decided to relocate the forum and start afresh.

The new, 27k1 forum is intended to serve the needs and interests of those who work in information security, many of whom will be focused on ISO/IEC 27001. We want this to be a very inclusive forum, opening the door to interested parties who may also work with other standards, as well as those who need support in managing or implementing information security standards.

We have already created several forums, which we invite you to join. These include:

ISO 27001 – Business Opportunities – This forum is for use by ISO 27001 consultants wishing to share business opportunities for mutual benefit.

The IT Manager’s Forum – Here’s a forum for IT Managers who are looking for solutions or advice in order to resolve Information Security issues.

27k1 ISMS – User Suggestions and Product Improvements – This forum is for 27k1 ISMS resellers users who wish to make recommendations or suggest system improvements.

Within each forum you can express your opinions and respond to other members.

You can contribute to the forum by creating a topic, starting a “Club”, posting an event, using the “Community Calendar” or opening a blog, the forum is for everyone who shares this common interest.

We welcome you to the forum and hope that you enjoy being part of this community.

Best wishes,

Jeremy Martin and Peter Farrer

27k1 Ltd

ISO 27001 Practitioners’ Forum – Re-Launch Announcement 1