Major Announcement – May 3rd, 2022 – Version 7: Product Launch

Major Announcement – May 3rd, 2022 – Version 7: Product Launch 1

Following February’s publication of the ISO 27002:2022 controls by the International Standards Organisation, 27k1 Ltd has launched Version 7 – the latest version of its total ISO 27001 compliance solution, which now includes the updated security controls.

Version 7 of the 27k1 ISMS software now offers system users the choice of deploying the ISO 27001:2013 Annex A controls or the latest ISO 27002:2022 controls, which are focused on cyber-attack prevention, detection and response, as well as better protecting sensitive data.

For those companies starting their ISO 27001 compliance journey, Version 7 allows them to begin using the newest control set. For companies that have already achieved ISO 27001 certification using rudimentary tools such as spreadsheets, paper documents and disparate files, the system allows them to deploy the 27k1 ISMS software as a single, “go-to” solution, that enables the transition from the 2013 controls to the 2022 controls at the click of a mouse.

27k1 has mapped the 2013 controls to the new, 2022 controls, integrating the new requirements into the Gap Manager, Control Manager, Risk Manager and Audit Manager system components. The integrated modules generate rich, dashboard style reports that detail the Information Security asset estate to granular level and cover the entire ISMS.

Apart from this major upgrade, the system offers a host of user friendly, optional functions, such as introducing some of the NIST 800 risk management processes. These feed through to the Management Reviews and Continuous Improvement modules so that users can monitor the management and reduction of risks on an ongoing basis.

27k1 has also adapted the architecture of the software platform to allow additional control sets to be included. The company plan to add the PCI DSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard controls to the software from June 2022, supporting companies that operate in the financial sector and that offer credit card payment facilities to their customers.

For further information or a free demonstration of the 27k1 ISMS software, please visit the web site at Contact 27k1 – 27k1 ISMS