Qualitation is delighted to be a reseller of the 27k1 ISMS. As an ISO Standards Consultancy, we were looking to build on our 9001, 14001 and 45001 expertise and move into ISO 27001.

Our customers had been requesting ISO 27001 certification in response to demand from their supply chains as well as to demonstrate their information security position and we wanted to support them with our expertise and customer service.

We looked around for an intuitive, yet total solution that would move away from spreadsheets, suiting both our ISO consultants and our customers. After reviewing a number of systems, many of which being too complicated, too expensive or only providing part of the answer, we found that the 27k1 ISMS ticked all the boxes. The 27k1 ISMS delivers a total, ISO 27001 compliant system.

Auditors readily approve certification against the defined scope and reaction from our customers is clear. Without exception, people from organisations large and small have been impressed with the simplicity of the steps, the co-ordinated approach and the flexibility offered by this system. What is also exciting is the way that different organisations see different advantages from the same system: some praise the way it works for a Micro company, some like the way it can be adapted for a large multi-site operation, while others again are interested in the tailored Enterprise option.

We are looking forward to bringing more customers into the Qualitation fold!